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Inventory Plus+

One screen for all inventory transactions, with data recorded in standard tables and keeping the Oracle support.

Cost Accounting

Transforms financial data into a managerial format for decision makers.        

Activity Plus+

Orders executions launching for services and products with cost evaluation, internal settlement or external sales.

Fleet View

Fuel consumption tracking, based on car specific parameters, and roads category.       

Items Plus+

Automated solution for Item Code Generation in Oracle EBS, with benefits in Inventory Stock Management.

Expenses Plus+

Local taxes deferral and accrual solution, for monthly cost recognition and avoiding a expense peak.

Budget Plus+

Cost Center budget definition, integrated in the acquisition chain.                                      

Acquisition Plan

Acquisitions preparation management (Proposals, Orders and Contracts) based on an approved budget.

Sales Activity

The new Genesis CRM: records the prospecting, offeting and sales in a sales project format.

Document Flow

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Product's Architecture

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Inventory Plus+

The main benefits of the product:

  • All inventory transaction types in one screen

  • Generates transactional reports: Goods Received Note, Consumption Note, Stock Ledger Card, Peaking Slip etc.

  • Security at subinventory level

  • Stock changes at transaction date and not at system date

  • Transactions are made in two steps: save and process

  • Unprocessed transactions will not generate accounting and can be easily modified or erased

  • Correction transaction with on-screen document reversal reversal function

  • The transactions are auditable, from quantity and value point of view, and are connected to Stock Ledger Cards

  • Inventory Plus is designed as an interface over Oracle Standard PO, INV, WIP and OM modules

Genesis Inventory Plus

Cost Accounting

The main benefits of the product:

  • Accounting tool used to generate managerial reports from financial data, structured on departments, equipment, activities, orders, products, cost types and cost elements dimensions

  • For Finished Goods, Genesis Cost Accounting calculates the total cost

  • For Services Execution, Genesis Cost Accounting prepare the work estimate sheet

  • The unique Cost Accounting Project Based solution for Oracle Applications

Genesis Cost Accounting

Activity Plus+

The main benefits of the product:

  • One screen interface for Oracle Applications, allowing two sets of connected processes: recording and monitoring the resources request, launching and executing the services provision orders and performance of finished goods

  • Resources requests grouped on variouse criteria: purchased services, internal services, materials, time sheets and advance payments for delegations

  • The resources requests processes include electronic approval mechanisms from Oracle Workflow, thus providing the managerial and budgetary control key-factors

  • The requests processes are continued in Oracle Standard modules: internal and external services acquisition in Oracle Purchasing, consumptions in WIP and Inventory, advance payments for delegations in Oracle Payables

  • All Oracle standard functionalities and support remains unaffected

Genesis Activity Plus

Fleet View

The main benefits of the product:

  • Provides to Car Fleet Management the Daily Activity Log report, which collects data fromthe Vehicle Log Books: mileage, operating hours, fuel supplies, name of drivers and their timesheets

  • Calculates the fuel consumption and the fuel remaining in the tank, automatically recording the transactions in Oracle Inventory

  • Provide brief information as alerts: preventive maintenance schedule, oil changes, tire changes and tax payments

  • Comprehensive data base with operational parameters for each car/equipment

Genesis Fleet View

Items Plus+

The main benefits of the product:

  • Adds to Oracle Inventory functionalities which allow decentralized Item Master management with centralized control

  • The users record new codes requests, those to be solved through a workflow based process

  • Provide all modern, best practices functionalities for nomenclatures management

  • Genesis Items Plus+ functionalities is not affecting Oracle Standard functionalities and support.

Genesis Items Plus

Expenses Plus+

The main benefits of the product:

  • Taxes definition and setup for each fixed asset

  • Pre-calculates taxes and fees for each asset in a certain period of time

  • Builds the payment obligation and the expenditure share for a period, for each state institution or corporate user

  • Automatic tax invoices generation in Oracle Payables

  • Tax expenses are monthly recorded, in order to avoid accounting peaks.

Genesis Expenses Plus

Budget Plus+

Budget Plus for Oracle is the most intuitive, easy to use solution for Annual Department Budget Foundation:

  • Provides activities forecast functionalities for each cost center (department or equipment)

  • Detailed budget definition – materials, services, internal labor, and equipments

  • Annual Acquisition Plan CAPEX and OPEX fundamentals

  • Each Budget Plan is unique identified by revision and version control

  • Onscreen budget vs. actual information, at the transaction moment

  • Native Oracle GL and Hyperion integration

Genesis Budget Plus

Acquisition Plan

Acquisition planning is easy, and fully integrated with Oracle Applications

Acquisition Plan for Oracle is one of the valuable business planning tools focusing on:

  • Delivering the unique Annual Acquisition Plan solution for Oracle Applications

  • Quantities and value perspective for the Annual Acquisition Plan (materials and services) in detail for each cost center and consolidated at organization level

  • Optional detailed view of the acquisition plan to acquisition category and item level

  • Planned vs actual on screen information for bids and consumptions.

Genesis Acquisition Plan

Sales Activity

The main benefits of the product:

  • Defines products and sales services on territories

  • Manages a database of potential clients, simplified structures, specific to the sales proces

  • Stores an archive of meetings and documents issued to potential clients

  • Automatically generates a customer in AR starting from lead information

  • Presales and sales cost collection for managerial cost accunting

  • ERP process integration: for example, service orders generate requisitions or consumption orders; external services generate internal orders.

Genesis Sales Activity

Document Flow

The main benefits of the product:

  • Semi-archiving when scanning and recording in the Master Document Register

  • Operating with the electronic image of the original document

  • Keeping track of customers and of the messages with them

  • Reducing the usage of paper, storage spaces and copiers

  • Electronic task allocation and monitoring of the achievements

  • Electronic approvals, revisions, annotations attached to the original document

  • Quick search in the electronic archive and making complex reports

Genesis Document Flow

Genesis Architecture

Genesis Architecture proposes an ERP standard for companies, having an optimal number of Oracle modules plus several Genesis extensions, in order to increase data integration.

Genesis vision includes its own standard of quality, such as:

  • new work interfaces, oriented on roles and not modules

  • fewer screens and data fields for the same activity

  • condensation, automation and security for data

  • improving application control, with the possibility of error correction

  • interfaces that allow customizations, typically not recomanded by the product developer

Genesis Architecture
George Faur

George Faur

Associate, Chief Executive Officer

George has over 15 years experience in Project management and sales – information systems implementation and development.

Dorian Balmus

Dorian Balmus

Associate, Oracle EBS Solution Architect

Dorian has over 15 years experience in Oracle ERP implementation consulting services; He accumulates 10 years as Consultant at Oracle.

Andrei Gherasim

Andrei Gherasim

Associate, Technical Product Director

Andrei is leading the product development and consolidation effort, capitalizing his more than 12 years software development experience.

Mihai Giurgeanu

Mihai Giurgeanu

Associate, Senior Technical Consultant

Mihai has over 17 years experience in the solutions design and development field and successfully supports the development effort of Genesis products.

Csongor Ferencz

Csongor Ferencz

Associate, Technical Consultant

After 8 years working in a IT department, Csongor joined Genesis in early 2008. Being part of the development team, Csongor is mainly focused on the reporting area.

Calin Draia

Calin Draia

Sales Manager

In Boston, Calin has a career of over 10 years in sales, of which 6 years in IT. Working for companies like Oracle, is passionate to provide clients the best solutions.


Besides the technical skills and a solid experience, the main value that we appreciate at Genesis, is the passion for quality. At Genesis, the acceptance of the product is not a contractual issue but more a matter of honor.

Oracle eBS Implementation

We offer the entire suite of services that lead to a successful implementation of Oracle Applications solutions. Our consultants accumulate experience implementing Oracle E-Business Suite projects to clients like: Romgaz, Vodafone, Rompetol, Transgaz, Orange, Romtelecom, BNR, Aquaserv, ONRC, UTI, Michelin, BRD, Oltchim, iBX.

Project Management

Genesis delivers project management services for their own projects, but on demand can also offer Project Management services in other projects. A Project Management service, delivered with competence and dedication can be an important prerequisite for a successful implementation or development project. Genesis Consultants accumulate a rich experience in large implementation projects, conducted with referential success.

Business Process Reengineering

BPR is a process of radical reconstruction of the activities of a company or institution. Genesis Consultants deliver successful consulting processes in terms of harmonizing them in their systems.

Genesis Apps Impmenetation

In over 14 years experience in Oracle EBS implementation projects, our consultants understand the need to develop specific solution in Oracle Applications. Over time, for those areas where we have identified requests from many customers, Genesis has developed specific products integrated with Oracle Applications suites: Inventory Plus, Fleet View, Items Plus, Activity Plus, Acquisition Plan, Budget Plus, Expenses Plus, Cost Accounting, Sales Activity.

eBS Extensions

Genesis Software Consulting has developed and owns a portfolio of some complex products developed for a complete experience with Oracle Applications. The results and experience we have gained recommend our team for being the one you need to develop specific features identified as beeing needed. Do not hesitate to contact us for analysis or specific developments, starting with the business processes.

Software Development

Genesis Software Consulting provides software development services to the needs and demands of its clients. We use modern methodology of work in approaching development projects, methodologies used to obtain the best results. In most cases, the principles underlying the approach of these projects are based on agile methodology known as Extreme Programming.

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At the end of our projects, we asked our customers and partners to appreciate the quality of our work. These are only some of the recommendations we received:

  • I particularly appreciate the way George Faur led the project from the Trade Register. Besides the technical effort that he coordinated, I appreciate the tenacity, the effort to communicate with the team and that kept me connected to daily project status.
  • I was impressed by the technical skills of the Genesis team and its total involvement for the success of the project, in a demanding environment. Professionalism, reliability and technical skills as a prerequisite recommend Genesis team to success for any project.
  • We use Genesis Fleet View product, integrated in Oracle since 2009. The solution was designed by Dorian Balmus and developed by his consultants team. I recommend the Genesis View Fleet solution for car parks.
  • We use Genesis Inventory Plus+ for Oracle product since 2009. It has been proven that is a stable and functional product in accordance with our business needs.
  • George is a very professional Project Manager with an enormous drive to get the best solution for the customer. He is able to get the best out of his team in terms of professionalism and focus on customer results. George drives professional development of his project management team.
  • The Genesis Cost Accounting Solution helps us monthly evaluate our profitability of business lines. I recommend Cost Accounting and the Genesis team for their willingness to implement exactly what customers need.
  • Andrei Gherasim is an excellent team player, fast learner and hard worker. It was a pleasure to work with him. The quality I appreciated the most was his calm on the stressfull moments of a project.
  • We work with the colleagues from Genesis since 2004, as part of the Oracle implementation team, and then we added the Genesis products. The technical support from Oracle for standard applications is not affected. The Genesis products prove to be stable and easy to maintain.